Lois Phillips Hudson

The Lois Phillips Hudson project began as an outgrowth of the Rural Lit RALLY Initiative .  Now an independent site, both the Lois Phillips Hudson project and the Rural Lit RALLY Initiative are under the direction of Dr. Paul G. Theobald, noted educational historian and Dean, School of Education, Buena Vista University, and are joint projects of Buena Vista and Buffalo State.

Shortly after the inception of Rural Lit RALLY (RLR), we attempted to contact Dr. Hudson, hoping to interview her for the site.  Regrettably, we were notified by her family that she had passed away just a few short months before they received our letter.   Over a period of a few months, RLR established a rapport with Lucy Hudson, Lois’ daughter, and Mary Snow, Lois’ partner of many years.  This relationship ultimately led to their donation of Dr. Hudson’s papers to RLR, for archiving and research purposes, and the establishment of this website aimed at preserving and promoting Dr. Hudson’s legacy.

Fast forwarding to the present, we have moved steadily forward to increase interest in Dr. Hudson’s life and work.  Working with a variety of venues, notably the Redmond Historical Society and Redmond Library, located in Lois’ “hometown,” we have created exhibits on Hudson’s life and work that have appeared in many parts of the country.  We were recently able to publish one of Lois’ two unpublished works, Unrestorable Habitat:  Microsoft is My Neighbor Now.  Currently under consideration for possible publication is a second manuscript, which might be accurately called Lois’ life work, Kindly Fruits of the Earth.

We look forward to continuing work on many levels, in many areas, to renew interest in what we believe is one of our country’s great authors before our collective memory of her contributions to literature, environmental, and women’s issues, can be lost.   Please visit our “News!” page for more information on what is currently happening!


http://loisphillipshudson.org/wordpress is very interested in hearing from anyone who knew Dr. Hudson and would be interested in sharing their stories and memories of her.   Please contact us at loisphillipshudson@gmail.com.


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  1. hello, family and friends of Ms. Lois. I’m grateful for this site as a lovely way to remember this one-of-a-kind human being. I hadn’t realized of her passing until just now, but having lived in the house across the street from her for a few years (2002-2005) I had the chance to catch first-hand moments of connection with this fierce, radiant woman (whose example of living life has inspired me ever since.) I’m so lucky to have known her and Mary, and I hope that this message will reach those who care for this dear, special person still. As will I, always. Thank you, Ms. Lois, for being you. I also appreciate your regard for my baby girl, who is now moving into her “double digits” with a poise and self-assuredness (and NO apologies for being herself.) I like to imagine that you sprinkled her with some of your own spirit! All love,

    Mae Shields, now of
    Gainesville, FL
    (Final day of 2013)

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